Indie Pin Series - 03 - Super Blood Hockey

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This Super Blood Hockey Indie Pin Series set features an exclusively designed Super Blood Hockey player pin, a Steam key for the game, a gold foil stamped sleeve that doubles as a custom display stand, and a Hockey Card (chewing gum not included)! 

About Super Blood Hockey: 
Relive the golden age of arcade sports gaming with Super Blood Hockey — A violent homage to classic 8-bit and 16-bit ice hockey games.

Steam user score: 90%
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About Loren Lemcke
Super Blood Hockey is the second game by indie developer Loren Lemcke. Motivated by a frustrating lack of PC hockey games, Loren set off to create something that had been brewing since his childhood: A violent, arcade-style hockey game. Two and a half years later Super Blood Hockey was released and was reviewed very positively by the community. Loren is still developing additional new content for the game based on community submitted ideas and suggestions.